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Alberto Joseph

Chef Alberto Joseph has a true passion for cooking! This passion, however,  did not take root early on in life. During his earlier years, Alberto moved through Quebec, Ontario, the United States, and Haiti. It was not until he was in high-school that this passion was ignited.


It was Alberto's mother who first noticed his love of food. She told him that one day he would be a Chef ! Doubtful in the beginning, Alberto soon realized his potential. In 1999  he registered at George Brown College in Toronto for the Culinary Program and so began his journey. Much like his culturally diverse upbringing, Chef Alberto Joseph has honed in on the art of Fusion-style cuisine as he serves a variety of local favourites mixed in with dishes inspired by Canadian, Caribbean, and Asian ingredients.

Chef Alberto has had the privilege of working under many skilled Chefs, one of which was Executive Chef Michael Stewart with Amica Mature Lifestyles.
He expresses his gratitude for the experience gained in further developing his work ethic and technique.



Tammy Joseph


In her earlier years, Tammy Joseph had also made a discovery in the kitchen. Her love of food had her realize that one day she would become ... The Wife of a Chef !  (Not currently being offered at George Brown College.) Meeting and falling in love with Chef Alberto has opened her eyes to the art and creativity that happens in the kitchen, when talent and passion are fused together.  Working alongside her husband and best friend has been a wonderful journey!


Tammy comes from a strong background in business and customer service. Interacting with people on all levels has helped her further develop her management savvy. This husband and wife business partnership is a perfect blend of skill, passion, dedication, and love!  

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